Split Infinity


Anthony, Piers. Split Infinity. New York: Ballantine, 1980. Print.

ISBN: 034530761

Split Infinity

Written By : Piers Anthony

Reviewed by : Micheal Feliciani

Recommended Audience : High School

In Split Infinity, there are two type or realms : magic and science.  Stile, the main character, is a serf in Proton, the science realm.  Serfs are the working class of Proton, making them have no right to do whatsoever.  Serfs work for a class called citizens and cannot go against their order.  The only way to get to become a citizen as a serf is to inherit the title or participate in the Tourney, a series of games.  However, if you lose the game, you lose your chance of becoming a citizen forever.

Stile is a serf who specializes in jockeying.  He also is a skillful Gamesman and has a good chance of winning the Tourney.  One day, Stile receives a robot from an anonymous citizen.  The robot’s name was Sheen and was ordered to protect Stile from any danger and love him.  At first, Stile thought it was a joke but during a horserace, someone lasered his knee and made him lose the race.  Stile, now realizing he’s in some serious danger, runs away with Sheen.  While they were hiding, Stile was magically transfered to the the magic world of Phaze, where adventures awaits him.

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Link about the book’s review  http://books.google.com/books/about/Split_Infinity.html?id=jmqOhIaujawC

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