Lord, Cynthia. Rules. New York: Scholastic, 2006. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-545-03640-5

Written by: Cynthia Lord

Reviewed by: Minh-Khoi Le

Recommended audience: Middle School to High School

Catherine a twelve-year-old girl looks like any other normal girl in the world but that is not the case. Catherine has a little brother with autism, David, and just wishes he could be normal so she could have a normal life. In this story Catherine has to learn how to deal with her brother by writing him rules down in a certain book and David having autism and goes through struggles of any normal girl would. She gets embarrassed, gets angry, and get sad at her little brother a lot because she wishes so many times he could be normal. It was summer time and Catherine had no one to hang out with, wishing that a special friend would come out of no where. When one day this new girl moved in next door to Catherine and her name was Kristi, they were the same age and Catherine was so excited to make a new friend! But she remembers about David and how she can’t invite Kristi to her house for a play date or David would ruin everything. Catherine comes over and introduces herself to Kristi and they become mildly good friends because Catherine kept pushing Kristi away because of David always embarrassing her.

One day when Catherine and David go to the clinic Catherine sees a boy across from her in a wheelchair and starts to draw him. As the boys mother caught Catherine drawing her son she was impressed by the way she drew and Catherine offered her drawing to the boy named Jason. Soon after that they became good friends at the clinic but Jason can’t talk so he communicates through cards with words on them. Catherine noticed his small vocabulary and helped him expand it little by little with really neat drawings on them for each word. When school comes back in there was a school dance and Jason asks if Catherine would come with him. She didn’t know what to do, would she go with him or would she tell him no? She was scared how the people would judge them because of Jason’s condition and Catherine was at a state of confusion. What will happen next? Will Catherine go or deny Jason’s request. Find out by reading the book yourself!

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