Race Against Time


Anthony, Piers. Race Against Time. 1st ed. New York: Tom Doherty Associates Inc., 1973. 255. Print.
ISBN : 0-812-53101-9

Title: Race Against Time
Author: Anthony Piers
Taoh Nichols
Recommended Audience:
High School

Race Against Time is a Science Fiction book made by Piers Anthony set in the distant future. There are these people that call themselves Standards. The Standards have a really clean and organized life style. They have these zoo’s, (enclaves) with teens of different races inside. So far the Standards have fooled the teens in thinking that life is normal and Earth is their home.

There are two teens that have found out that the world is not what they seem. John and Betsy are the two main characters, and they have managed to communicate about an escape without the Standards knowing. After John and Betsy escape the enclave, they begin to find other trapped teens from other countries and help them escape. The group  then decide to steal a space ship and travel back to Earth. After in space for 2 weeks, they finally learn the truth.



Race Against Time 30. sec


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