My Story

My Story

Written by: Marilyn Monroe
Reviewed by: Arianna Diaz
Recommended audiences: High school and up

My Story is an autobiography by Marilyn Monroe and her adventure of a life.Before she was Marilyn Monroe the famous actress, model, and showgirl she was Norma Jean Mortenson, the poor orphan girl.
Marilyn starts with her earliest memories of her mother paying $5 a month to the family she lived with as a young child for keeping her. The things that happened to young Norma were very traumatic. Later she lived with her aunt. Looking like you’re 18 when in reality you’re hardly 13 must have been hard. She talked about living at an orphan home because her mom could not take care of her and she had no father.She married at the age of 16 to a man she did not love, she married to get away from her life. Later on in her life during her attempts to make it big time she met lots of men that were interested in her. Some for a movie or calender , others just wanted to lure her into a room alone. But she was adamant about her career and did not participate in their “games”.She became friends with many millionaires and went to tons of elegant parties, however she was still poor. She would only go in hope of meeting someone interested in having her be in a movie of a calendar so she could pay for her next meal or her rent. She was later married and divorced twice more.She had a big break playing in ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ and being the first playboy bunny cover star. Although she played a cheery and well put together woman on stage she was never truly happy and often spoke of thinking of herself as the type of girl to be found dead in a hotel room with an empty bottle of pills.


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