Mark of Athena

Riordan, Rick. The Mark Of Athena. 1st edition. 3. New York: Disney, 2012. Print.

Written by: Rick Riordan

Reviewed by: Yousef Khaleq

Recommended Audience: High School

In this extraordinary novel, The Mark Of Athena, the third book in a soon to be 5 part series; The Heroes of Olympus, we find our heroes on the verge to finally meeting each other.  Annabeth, not having seen Percy in 6 months, finally gets to be reunited with Percy.  But just as she is reunites with him, Camp Jupiter is already preparing for war.  Thanks to the Eidolons, spirits that control minds, Leo was controlled and used to fire at New Rome, causing a war between the two camps.  That wasn’t the only time they forced the demigods to do something horrific, but, thanks to Piper, she was able to force them out using her charmspeak and made them swear to never control the seven demigods again.  That was just the least of their worries.  Before leaving New Rome, they discussed with Reyna, the praetor, to go to Greece and defeat the giants and prevent Gaea from rising from her slumber.

During there quest to Greece, Annabeth tells them about her mother and how she wanted her to find the Mark of Athena.  Unfortunately, the statue for Athena was located in Rome, the most dangerous place for a Greek demigod.  Once Annabeth finds it, she might be able to restore balance between the Roman and Greek demigods and heal the gods of their Roman/Greek side.  Along the way to Rome, they faced many perils and dangers almost causing them to turn back or get captured.  But this didn’t stop them from making it to Rome, after tireless hard work they made it.  They were not finished though, as Annabeth made her way to the Athena Parthenos.  But, before she was able to get to it, she faced her mother’s worst enemy, Arachne.  Using the wisdom of her mother, Annabeth tricked Arachne into falling to Tartarus, the evilest place known to the gods.  Percy made it to her just in time, for Annabeth was bruised and beat up.  As they climbed to the Argo II, their flying boat, Arachne used her web to rap around Annabeth’s leg, allowing her to pull Annnabeth down with her.  Percy tried to help Annabeth, but was overwhelmed.  In this moment,  Percy asked Nico to lead them to the house of hades, and Percy and Annabeth would meet them on the other side.  As Percy begin to lose grip, the branch that he was holding on to broke, causing Percy and Annabeth to fall into the dark abyss, Tartarus.

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