Lucy In The Sky


Anonymous, . Lucy In The Sky. New York, New York:
Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2012. Print.
ISBN: 978-1-4424-5185-8

Lucy In The Sky

Written by: Anonymous

Reviewed by: Yvon Doan

Recommended Age Group: High School

Lucy In The Sky is about an innocent girl in high school living a good life. She’s never done anything to disappoint her parents. She was the type of girl to always get good grades and never disobey her parents. She’s never done any type of drugs, drank any bit alcohol, or even been to a real high school party before. It’s not that she was an outsider or anything, it’s simply because she wasn’t interested in doing those kind of things.

One day, she met this guy named Ross in yoga class. He was a dreamy beach boy who also did drugs. She wasn’t sure if she should keep seeing him or not. One night, her older brother, Cameron invited her to her very first big high school party. She was super excited, but yet nervous. At the party, she saw Ross again. She also met Astrid and Lauren. They gave her her first taste of alcohol and pot. She liked it very much, maybe a little too much.

Later on, she started to hang out with Ross and Lauren on a daily basis. She started partying every weekend, smoking pot everyday. She thought it was all fun and games, never did it cross her mind that something bad could happen. Eventually, it became out of control. She didn’t care about school anymore, she did everything and anything she could to not be sober. She was always out there looking for a new, more blood rushing way to be high. She went from smoking pot, to drinking alcohol, to popping pills, to snorting cocaine, to doing meth, and lastly, shooting heroin. It started with one taste of alcohol, and ended with one to many doses to heroin.


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