My Friend Leonard


Frey, James. My Friend Leonard. Penguin Group 2005

 ISBN: 1573223158

My Friend Leonard

Written by: James Frey

Reviewed by: Mazie Wilkerson

Recommended Audience:  High School – Young Adults

James, a young man in his early twenties, has just gotten out of jail after having an addiction to alcohol and other illegal substances. Since he had an addiction he had gone to a rehab before jail and then met a young woman, Lilly, struggling with the same issues as him. Also while being in rehab, he met an elder man named Leonard, a major mobster, who took him in as his own child. They immediately clicked, or at least they did in his eyes. Even though they were not allowed to stay in contact after leaving the treatment center, they did and no one was going to stop them. After getting out of rehab he entered jail for doing other illegal things. While in jail his love for Lilly stayed strong. After serving his time in prison, he drove to Chicago to go see Lilly in a group home she had been staying in. Everything took a turn for the worse. James went into a deep depression after the tragedy that has occurred with Lilly. He finally tried getting a job & even though it might not of been the best job, it was a beginning. Leonard didn’t want James any where near a bar, considering he was an alcoholic in the past. So instead Leonard got him a job transferring illegal drugs and drug money. While doing this job, James was making more money than he could of ever asked for. He had several girlfriends during his journey to getting back on his feet! Towards the end he  goes to several parties, quits the job that Leonard gave him, and figured out how to make it on his own and keep his head up.

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