Hush, Hush


Fitzpatrick, Becca. Hush, Hush . 1st ed. 1. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2009. 416. Print.

                                                          ISBN: 978-1416989424

Hush, Hush

Written By: Becca Fitzpatrick 

Reviewed By: Julie Pham

Recommended Audience: High School and young adults

“Keep in mind that people change, but the past doesn’t.”

Nora Grey is an average sophomore student living in a small town in Main with her widowed mother. She tends to keep her life as uneventful as possible, her worst decision was falling in love with Patch. 

Patch is a fallen angel from Heaven who is trying to be completely human. By doing so, he must kill Nora to gain a human body. His best decision was falling in love with Nora.

Nora’s life was dull and uninteresting until she ends up with a new biology partner that knows about her more than he should ; Patch Cipriano. Patch is a senior who has failed biology several times before, who is also very blunt and secretive, leaving Nora in thought. At first the two are at odds with one another, however Nora finds herself drawn into him. Despite the strong pulls she feels towards him, she continues to tell her best friend Vee that she is not interested in Patch. 

Later on strange things begin to happen and Nora has a feeling that Patch is involved. Nora believes she is being watched; she drives home one day and someone jumps in front of her car and almost rips the door out. She also realizes everywhere she goes, Patch is there as well. She also has moments when she imagines events or hallucinates when she’s around him. One day she sees a large scar on his back shaped as a upside down V. She manages to touch the scar then was pulled into his memories of his past memories to do with her. This frightens Nora and demands him to explain what is going on with her life since they met.

Patch reveals that he is actually a fallen angel from Heaven who is trying to kill her in doing so to be a human. Her death would kill his Nephilim vassal and make him completely human. His ex-girlfriend who happens to be Nora’s psychiatrist demands him to be a guardian angel to earn his wings back so they can be together again; what’s ironic is he has to be Nora’s guardian angel. Through strange events they’ve been through together, their bond for each other becomes stronger and stronger. There are enemies as well who want to hurt Nora as well, yet Patch has no choice but to protect her. Nora can’t help but feel self conscious the thought that Patch wants to kill her as well. There are two options of what will happen, one that they both fall in love and he becomes her guardian angel, of another that he will betray and kill her to become human.


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