Anderson, M. T. Feed. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, 2002. Print.

ISBN: 0763622591


Written by: M.T. Anderson

Reviewed by: Lauren Howard

Recommended audience: High school and older

“Everything must go..”

      Feed is a science fiction dystopian novel. Feed takes place in a futuristic America where there is so much atmospheric pollution, the clouds are fake, and the water is toxic and acidic. America is also controlled by corporations, with citizens connected to the feednet through a device that has been implanted into their brains called feed. The feed allows people to access anything they want, anytime they want, because it is all accessed mentally through the brain. The feed even allows people to access other peoples memories. Also, people can even chat telepathically through the feed with others which is called m-chatting. There really isn’t any privacy with this device, as corporations participate in data-mining which helps them “learn” more about their customers. People are so engaged to their feed, they are completely oblivious to everything around them, like their fake clouds. In this society, the president isn’t really a big deal because what runs the country are the corporations.

      The book starts off with a young boy named Titus, along with his other teenage friends, on the moon during spring break. They meet a girl named Violet who questions basically everything in a critical manner – something new to Titus and his friends. While at a party, a man from an anti-feed corporation hacks everyone’s feeds. When Violet, Titus, and his friends wake up, they are in a hospital. Their feeds are for the first time really in their lives is unavailable. During recovery, Titus and Violet begin a romantic relationship. The feeds are fixed, but Violet’s feed isn’t really. She reveals to Titus she wants to resist the feed. Violet’s feed soon starts to malfunction severely and is hacked into, causing her to lose memory of her earlier years and because of her feed not working, parts of her body start shutting down.. What is Violet’s fate?

M.T. Anderson’s site: http://mt-anderson.com/

Publisher’s site: http://www.candlewick.com/

Interview with the author: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5uE8YwNTnQ



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