Elephant Run


Smith, Roland. Elephant Run. N.p.: Perfection Learning Corporation, 2007. Print.Elephant Run

Written by: Roland Smtih

Revised by: Riley Hanson

Recommended Audience: Middle School or High School

Nick Freestone is living in Britain during World War 2. His mother believes it will be safer at his father’s plantation in Burma. Nick leaves for his fathers lumber plantation. In Burma, he meets all the workers on his father’s plantation. He meets Mya, Indaw and other people. He also meets Hilltop, who is an old monk that is said to be over 100 years old. There are rumors of the Japanese invading Burma.

Nick, Jackson (Nick’s father), Mya, Indaw and Hilltop leave for a Freestone island where they will release Hannibal, a rogue elephant that was attacked by tigers earlier in his life. The Japanese captures them. The men of the plantation will be sent to a camp where they will work for the Japanese. Nick and Mya stay, but are promised to be returned to their families after a certain point in the war. Sergeant Sonji is given responsibility of Nick. He teaches Nick Japanese and how to write haikus. After a long time, Nick and Mya haven’t been returned to their families. They plan to escape and Hilltop helps them. Nick and Mya shave their heads and act as novice monks. They escape at night and search for Nicks father, Jackson, and Indaw, Mya’s brother. Each night they get closer to the camp where they are being held. They help Indaw escape from the mahout camp during a festival and Jackson fakes his death at the camp and was able to escape.

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