Eleanor & Park


Rowell, Rainbow, and Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor & Park.

New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2013. 1-325. Print.

ISBN: 978-250-01257-9 

Eleanor & Park

Written by: Rainbow Rowell

Reviewed by: Jessica Leal

Recommended Audience: High School

   Eleanor & Park is a book with many ups and downs. It’s a book of two misfits in love. Eleanor and her family have a difficult situation at home. Eleanor is new to school, and is instantly their new target of bullying. She takes the only open seat, next to Park. Park doesn’t know what to think of her, with her odd clothes and her huge, red hair. This story takes place in 1986, a time of tapes and comics.

   Eleanor has a big family, and a little house. Richie, her stepdad, kicked her out for an entire year, and she was left alone at a neighbor’s house. Her stepdad is constantly drinking and abusive, so Eleanor’s siblings and her live in fear. He doesn’t appreciate anything Eleanor’s mom ever does for the family, but they have no where else to go.  The people at school are constantly rude to Eleanor left and right. She even is getting rude notes on all of her school books. When Park and Eleanor start “dating”, she can’t go an hour without thinking of Park. Park becomes Eleanor’s sunshine,  he brightens up her life.

   Park has a normal house and family. His dad is a war veteran, and his mom is a hairdresser. The first time he saw Eleanor, he knew there was just something about her. He quickly realizes how much he really does love her. Eleanor isn’t allowed to come over to Park’s house, so they sneak around Richie very often. Park’s family took a while excepting Eleanor, but they learned about her situation, and instantly offered up their house to her when she needed somewhere to go. When things get bad, Eleanor and Park go to Minnesota. Will this turn of events rip them apart, or will their love keep them together?

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