Deeper (The second book in the tunnels series)

             Gordon, Roderick and Williams, Brian. Deeper.  Somerset: Chicken House, 2008. Print.

ISBN: 9781905294626


Written by: Roderick Gordon and Brain Williams

Reviewed by: Alonzo Cerda

Recommended Audience: High school

    The story Deeper is a sequel to the book Tunnels. Tunnels  is about a boy named Will Burrows and his dad that is named Dr. Burrows. They both share an interest in archaeology, which is the study of past life from fossils and other information. Then Dr. Burrows goes missing as soon as he begins to notice strange people around his area. After he goes missing Will and his friend Chester go out to find him. They search in his house and they find a blocked passage behind a book shelf and behind it is a passage that takes them to and underground area. Then they are captured by the Colony which is the police of the underground community but Will finds out from Jerome that he is apart of the Colony and that they are his family.Jerome is his dad and his son Cal is now his brother. He is released and Will then goes to Jerome’s house and sees Uncle Tam. Tam tells him that his father (step father) is in the Deeps which is a deeper place than the colony. He also learns that the Styx are the religious rulers of the colony (bad guys) and they have is friend. Will, Cal and Uncle Tam go to the deeps to rescue Chester and Wills step father and they rescue Chester and Tam kills the leader of Styx but he is left behind. At the end they show Will’s sister Rebecca as a Styx.

    In Deeper the story continues with Will still trying to find his step father. The story first shows Will’s mother sad because her brother Tam has died. Meanwhile, Will, Chester, and Cal go back to deeps and they go into a house there and find evidence of Will’s step father and realize that he has been there. Then Will’s mother Sarah is tricked by Rebecca because she says that Will killed Tam and if she doesn’t come with her then Will will die too. Will is in a bad situation and he has to find his dad in a dangerous area filled with the Styx. Also Will has to get his mom from Rebecca.

    Will now must find in his dad in one of the most dangerous places, the deeps, and he must not get caught by the Styxs or he will be killed. Then he finds out that Rebecca is planning an evil plot to destroy the topsoilers or everybody that lives on the surface ofthe earth. How can Will be able to save all of those people?. Will he be able to find his dad, save his mom, and save the topsoilers? Can Will survive?

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