Dancing In The Dark

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Bavati, Robyn.  Dancing in the Dark.  Woodbury, MN. Penguin Books Australia, 2010. Print.

ISBN:  978-0-7387-3477-4

Dancing in the Dark

Written by:  Robyn Bavati

Reviewed by:  Renee Castonguay

Recommended Audience:  Teens

This book follows the life of young girl, Ditty Cohen and her passion for ballet.  Ditty is part of an Orthodox-Jewish family which means she lives a very strict life.  One day, Ditty, her younger sister, and her “mum” went to see her cousin Linda perform in a play.  Linda is Jewish, but not strict like Ditty’s family.  When Ditty was at the play she noticed a building next door that was holding auditions for The National Ballet Academy.  Ditty knew that she wanted to pursue ballet, but when she asked her strict parents that night at the dinner table, her father forbid her from doing so.  Ditty was determined to find a way to fulfill her dream, so she and her friend Sara went to the library and checked out books about ballet.  Once she read the books, she proceeded to practice ballet steps in her bathroom until one day her cousin Linda brought her ballet clothes that used to belong to her friend.  Ditty decided to take up baby-sitting jobs to earn money so that she could take ballet classes at The National.  Once Ditty started ballet, it was apparent to her and her teacher that she had a hidden talent.

Months and years went by as Ditty continued dancing while sneaking out of the house to attend The National.  As Ditty became better and better, she took on more baby-sitting jobs in order take more classes.  Her family grew more and more suspicious over the years until her Aunt confirmed their suspicions, by catching Ditty walking into The National Ballet Academy.  Later that evening when Ditty’s parents ask her if she is taking ballet classes, she says yes and her strict father tells her she is not allowed to take ballet anymore.  Ditty knows that she can’t give up on her dream and continue taking ballet lessons, so she must choose between her family or her dream.


Book Review:  http://books.google.com/books/about/Dancing_in_the_Dark.html?id=nr4y9khE5kgC

About the author:  http://robynbavati.com/


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