Bud Not Buddy

Curtis, Christopher. “Bud, Not Buddy.”

Trans. Array. New York: Random House, Inc., 2002. Print.

Bud, Not Buddy

By: Christopher Curtis

Reviewed by: Kevin Merkle

Recommended Audiences: Middle – High School

      Have you ever wanted to read a book that will just make you want to go out and do something, figure out a puzzle or even go out on a trek. Well this book shows how challenging it can be, but also its reward for doing so. “Bud, Not Buddy” Is  a great book if your looking for an adventure, a tragedy, or a feel good story then this book is for you.

      Bud, Not Buddy is the story of ten-year old Bud Caldwell, an orphan living in Flint, Michigan. It takes place in 1936 during the Great Depression. Since the death of his mother a few years earlier, Bud has been living in an orphanage and had short stints in several foster homes. But with a flyer that his mother owned, he starts to suspect that the man on the flyer was his father. So he decides to move out and run away from the home to find his father. But When he gets there, He is faced with some unpredictable events. So Go out Pick up this book and read this nice short read.





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