Anne Frank’s Story


Lee, Carol Ann. Anne Frank’s Story . United States: Troll, 2002. Print.

ISBN: 0-8167-7427-7

Written by: Carol Ann Lee

Reviewed By: Giselle Rodriguez

Recommended Audience: 10 & up

             In this book it explains in more detail the really hard times that Anne Frank and her family had to encounter. This would be a really good book to read before reading the actual Diary of Anne Frank because you really get a good understanding of the harsh living conditions that took place throughout her life. This book focused on Anne’s life since she was born up to the point where her life changed forever. Although this book talked a lot about the terrible times that Anne had to go through, it also talked about how “normal” her life was before she had to go through the rest of her struggling life. It explains the strong bond that she had with her father, and a rocky relationship with her sister, Margot. This book also showed photographs taken of Anne as she grew up, as well as the secret annex.

           In this book it also explained in more detail the hard times that went on in the secret annex, like making sure they had enough soap and food for everyone. As explained in the book, it wasn’t always bad living in the annex because Anne always had someone to communicate and she loved this because she was very social. Quotes from the Diary of Anne Frank were often used in this book to elaborate on how just one sentence had such a huge meaning. Although this book isn’t at intense as the Diary of Anne Frank it’s a good book to read for background information. In this book it also explains to us how exactly her life changed in a matter of seconds.

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