Angels and Demons

Dan. Angels and Demons. NY: Pocket Books, 2000. Print.

ISBN: 9780743501569

Angels & Demons

Written By: Dan Brown

Reviewed By: Morgan Parker

Recommended Audience: High school and above

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is a great book that follows the protagonist, Robert Langdon, on his adventure to solve a mystery. This book is fiction and did not happen, although there are many pieces of this book that are entirely true. This book also follows the antagonist, a murderer through all of his dealings and agreements with people. Robert Langdon is a Professor of Religious Iconology and Symbology at Harvard University. So basically he studies ancient symbols. One day he gets a call regarding a murder at a CERN, a european organization for nuclear research. Physicist Leonardo Vetra was murdered, who was one of CERN’s best researchers. When Langdon gets to CERN headquarters in switzerland, they find Leonardo Vetra’s dead body, branded with the illuminati symbol.

For the remainder of the book, we follow Langdon on his adventure to find a new substance called anti-matter that Leonardo and his daughter had been busy creating. this had never been done before and this stuff was highly reactive. when Leonardo was killed, whoever killed him, stole a canister of anti-matter as well. Langdon believes that the illuminati had taken it to Vatican City, because the illuminati’s biggest enemy is the Catholic Church. So Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, Leonardo’s daughter, go to Rome, Italy to Vatican City to find the anti-matter. on his adventure, his skills are tested to uncover the true mystery of the illuminati.

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