The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

McCullers, Carson. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. Boston,Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1940. Print.

ISBN: 0812415809

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Written By: Carson McCullers

Reviewed By: Vincent Nguyen

Recommended Audiences: High School

A masterpiece today by Carson McCullers… This story starts off in a town in the Deep South with an introduction of two good friends, John Singer and Spiros Antonapoulos, who lived together and were both deaf-mutes. They spent 10 years living together until one day Antonapoulos got sick and his cousin, who both of the deaf-mutes worked for at the local store, sends him to a mental asylum due to his drastic behavior change. Shortly after Antonapoulos’s leave, Singer moved into a local boarding house runned by a family name the Kellys. He then begins getting close to the family and visitors to the boarding house. Biff Brannon, the owner of the local cafe; Mick Kelly, the daughter of the couple who owns the boarding house; Jake Blount, a new patron in search of opportunities of success; and Dr. Copeland are introduced to the story one after another whom surround Singer and become very close with him.

Although Singer was a deaf-mute his kindness and support for others drawing people to him. After Singer settled in the boarding house, the perspective is moved to Mick Kelly, a young girl in her teen years trying to find out who she is as a person and trying to fit in with the crowd. Jake follows as the next perspective shown as he tries to make a living in the town he’s settled in as a mechanics for a local carnival. The final perspective in part one is Dr. Copeland who is a black physician in the town who dreams of a day when blacks are equals to whites and a successful future for the young kids who live in the discriminated world.

In part two, the characters all have their own problems that they must face. Mick tries to find true friends and tries to fit in doing various things like throwing a party, which backfired. Biff’s wife passes away after surgery to remove a tumor, but he wasn’t saddened by her death because their love had faded and he fell for his sister in law as he tries to find new love. Dr. Copland has many struggles himself as his family faces discrimination in the cruel world he saw and he fights for his health as he’s diagnosed with tuberculosis in his lungs. Jake Blount still struggles to make a living and often goes to Singer for comfort and advice. While Singer anxiously wants to visit his old friend Antonapoulos and prepares many gifts prior to his visit…

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