The Five People You Meet In Heaven


Albom, Mitch. The Five People You Meet In Heaven. New York: Hyperion, 2003. Print

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Written by: Mitch Albom
Reviewed by: Tiffany Truong
Recommended Audience: High school and above

In the book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, we meet Eddie. Eddie is a grizzled veteran, who works at Ruby Pier, but isn’t very optimistic about it because he feels trapped in his job because of his deceased father who worked at Ruby Pier before him. As Ruby Pier changed throughout the years from old, classical rides, to more modern and daring, so has Eddie. As he used to be more lively and optimistic, to bitter and old. His days were a routine of work, loneliness, and regret. Even though he wasn’t the life of the party, we still see him making the kids at Ruby Pier as happy as can be. On his last day on Earth, a cable of a roller coaster had snapped and was about to fall over with a little girl below. Eddie quickly tried to save the little girl from the falling cart, but this led to his death.

When he awakens in the afterlife, he soon realizes that heaven is not a lush Garden of Eden that it is perceived to be. He learns it is a place where you finally discover what your life meant by five different people. The people that he meets were either close relatives, friends, or even people he has never met before. Nevertheless, all the people he meets have changed his life in ways that he would’ve never understood. As he meets the five people, one by one, he discovers how they connected with his and how they shaped his life to where it is now. When meeting these people, he tries to understand the meaning of his life. Towards the end of the book, Eddie tries to seek the answer to his question. Was his life a heroic success or a devastating? He gets his answer from an unlikely source, but was as magical as heaven itself.

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