The Fall of the Templar

The Fall of The Templar

Benz, Derek, and J.S. Lewis. The Fall of the Templar.Broadway, New York, NY: Orchard Books, 2008. Print.

ISBN – 13: 978-0-439-83776-7 | ISBN – 10: 0-439-83776-6

The Fall of the Templar

Written by: Derek Benz & J.S. Lewis

Reviewer: Shawn Nguyen

Recommendations: Elementary through High School. 5-12

The Fall of the Templar is the third book of the Grey Griffins series. To give a full explanation and understanding of the whole story, it starts off in the first book called The Revenge of the Shadow King. In the first book, four best friends named Max, Harley, Ernie, and Natalia form a small group. They play a card game which includes mythical creatures from another world or dimension. In the game, they stumble upon a shadow king and it turns out the shadow king is real. He makes an appearance into reality and tries to open a portal between his world and ours, as in Earth. Max and his friends defeat the shadow king and close the portals. In the second book, The Rise of the Black wolf, a new evil rises. Since Max is a millionaire, he decides to invite his friends to Lord Sumner’s castle, aka his dad’s house. New monsters appear such as The Black Wolf Society, fireball pixies, and a black witch. Max’s dad is always busy and makes excuses like a terrorist attacking his office in Rome. He says this because Max’s family is involved military business and their butler is a personal special ops person who explores ancient and mythical presences. Lord Sumner leaves for a while and Max heartbroken because his parents are divorced and Max barely gets to visit him. The black witch, Morgan La Fey, appears Max’s castle and tries to claim the Spear of Ragnarok. The Spear of Ragnarok’s holder can end the world with total domination. Vlad Dracula the dark prince arrives from his 500 year prison which Morgan traps him in. He attacks her and both nearly destroy the mansion. Max’s dad appears and it turns out he is also working to claim The spear of Ragnarok. The whole castle crumbles, Ernie gets collapsed on, and ends up in a Coma. The Fall of the Templar leaves off at Ernie ending up in a coma, Max preparing for his revenge, Morgan La Fey’s disappearance, and Lord Sumner taking her place. Max’s spriggan is back which was supposed to die in the first book. She saves max from the shadow king and sacrifices herself to close the portals. Later in the book, she helps him in the long run of saving the world from Max’s dad. Lord Sumner offers him a choice to join him but max refuses. His dad doesn’t care and moves on with his plan. Max and his group needs help and calls out their grand Templar council member Iver. Iver explains to Max his dad and Morgan have been plotting this for ages. They made sure Max became the guardian of the Codex Spiritus and definitely made sure Max found The Spear of Ragnarok. Iver leaves and doesn’t tell Max where his Grand Council will be held. Days pass and the broadcasting news states a terrorist attack explosion. Iver is killed along with his High Council Templar members in the explosion but it wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was the minor power of the spear to kill the majority of the Council. The black wolves have learned how to use the spear and struck Iver’s Templar’s High Command. It was about time Max will take action and prevent the end of the world. Max’s group and his butler Logan decide to travel to the underworld. They are approached by living nightmares but defeats them all. The group arrives to the World Tree where Max’s dad tries to steal power from. Lord Sumner awakens the Malice Striker which is the guardian of the tree. The two titanic powers fight, the sky is nearly destroyed, and the earth quakes underneath them. The power Max’s dad stole from the tree was not enough to stop the Malice Striker. Soon, Lord Sumner had no choice but to flee. He opened four portals but suddenly they all shut. The dragon was preventing him from fleeing. While the two clashed, Max found an opportunity to take the spear and stop the dragon from creating more destruction. Max fired the spear at Malice Striker and it finally retreats to its hole. Max’s dad flees and Max saves the world. The World Tree starts to repair itself and paradise is brought back.

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The Fall of the Templar Audio Review


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