Swift Eagle’s Vision Quest

ImageEichler , Ken. Swift Eagle’s Vision Quest.Baltimore:Publish America, 2008. 1-60703-649-5

Swift Eagle’s Vision Quest

Written by: Ken Eichler

Revised by: Ryan Duvall

Recommended Audience: High School

                            This book is about a young Cheyenne Indian boy (Swift Eagle) and his adventures along the Arkansas River, at the edge of the Great Plains. Although, Swift Eagle has many persistent problems now that he is growing up and wants to go on a vision quest. He has multiple dreams that he wants to pursue and find out his destiny in life. However, Swift Eagle is too young in his father’s eyes for a vision quest. No matter how hard he tries to seem grown up, it’s not enough to convince his father. He realizes that he needs to try harder because the drive to find out his destiny is eating at him. He wants to prove it before his dreams comes back and his curiosity grows stronger. However, his father is a very stubborn man and isn’t easily persuaded.

                Swift Eagle is eventually accepted to go through with his vision quest after he saves a wolf and accompanies the tribe on a buffalo hunt. Swift eagle is excited but scared at the same time. Now the fear of going out into the woods with little to no food petrifies him. He understands that his curiosity to find out his destiny is greater than his fear of abandonment in the woods. He feels as if his destiny is taunting him, seeming harder and harder to grasp.

This story is a compelling tale that shows a boy becoming a man and learning his destiny in the world. It shows the curiosity in all of us and how we long to fulfill it and how we all want to know our destiny. Everyone wants to know their purpose in the world and for Swift Eagle it was hard to grasp. What would you do to find out your purpose?

Description of book: http://www.publishamerica.net/product12744.html

Online Book: http://www.publishamerica.net/Wikitease/1-60703-649-5.pdf

Video explaining a vision quest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFVKPb1CacY


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