Just Listen

ImageDessen , Sarah. Just Listen. New York: Penguin Group, 2006. Print.

ISBN: 9780670061051

Just Listen

Written By: Sarah Dessen

Reviewed by: Vivian Cao

Recommended Audience: High School

          Annabel Greene is a girl who has everything. She is a gorgeous model, just like her two older sisters. They modeled for commercials and advertisements and had a lot of trendy clothing. Annabel’s best friend is Sophie, and they always get invited to all the parties, including the one at the end of the year. At this party, Sophie claims that she caught Annabel sleeping with her boyfriend. Annabel knows this is not true, but she was too embarrassed to confront what really happened that night. The next fall at school, Annabel finds herself all alone. Suddenly, Annabel goes from a girl with everything to a girl with nothing. She loses all her friends because of Sophie, but just when she thinks things can’t get worse, her sister is diagnosed with anorexia, and her other sister leaves home to study in New York. With everything going on, her mom is already so stressed so Annabel hides the fact that she actually hates modeling and wants to quit, although her mom loves it.

          During her lonely lunch hours, Annabel meets Owen Armstrong. Owen is an outcast who always listens to his iPod music. He was kicked out of school before for getting into fights, but he took an anger management class and is now completely dedicated to honesty and music. They become close friends, and he convinces her that it is okay to get help and that sometimes holding things in is harder than letting them out. He pushes her out of her comfort zone, since she is so accustomed to holding everything in, but she slowly begins to change. Annabel discovers her true identity and gains courage to might even confront what really happened that awful night at the party.

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