Hope Was Here

Bauer, Joan. Hope Was Here. New York: G.P.Putnam’s Sons, 2000. Print.
ISBN: 0-399-23142-0
Hope Was Here
Written by: Joan Bauer
Reviewed by: Trina Nguyen
Recommended Audience: Middle School/High School
         “Hope Was Here” is a story about a sixteen year old girl named Hope Yancey. Her name use to be Tulip but she changes it to Hope.  She lives with her aunt  because her mom, Deena, wasn’t ready to take responsibility for her. She has never met her father but hopes one day he will come for her. Hope has a pretty good life, however, she has never had a permanent home. Hope and her aunt have moved from place to place throughout her life and it isn’t easy for her. Hope works as a waitress and Addie works as a chef at diners. Hope also works so there can be more money for them to live on.  Hope and Addie love what they do but they never get to stay in one place. In this book, it starts off where Aunt Addie and Hope are leaving New York because they couldn’t keep the diner running due to financial issues and are moving to Wisconsin. Hope doesn’t like that they were moving because she had loved it in New York. She expects the worse when moving to Wisconsin and doesn’t expect to feel at home there either. Hope and her aunt, Addie go to Mulhoney, Wisconsin to work at a diner called “Welcome Stairways Diner”. They began working there and are liking it so far. Addie is cooking the food for the diner in place of the owner/chef of the diner, G. T. Stoop. G.T. Stoop is a kind man with a heart of gold. They are partnering in running the diner because G.T. Stoop is diagnosed with leukemia. He needs some help now and so Addie is stepping in to help. Hope is working there as a waitress and she seems to like it; everyone is friendly. Hope meets a lot of new people like Flo, the manager/waitress; Yuri, a Russian bus boy; Lou Ellen,a waitress; Brenda; a sheriff; and Braverman, another cook for the diner. Hope goes through a lot of things there. She gets caught up in town politics, she learns to trust people, and also learns that when working as a waitress, she can read people.
          G.T. Stoop then wants to run for mayor against Eli Millstone, the mayor of Mulhoney and has been mayor for a long time. Since G.T. Stoop has leukemia, he wants to live life to the fullest. He also wants to run for mayor because he witnessed some political corruption and wants to do something about it. Everyone is surprised that someone would run up against Eli Millstone. Eli Millstone is a selfish, cruel man who only cares about himself. Since he’s the mayor, he acts like he is above everyone else. He also makes everyone believe that he is trying to help the town. However, he does many things that show he isn’t the person everyone thinks he is.  Also, G.T. Stoop running for mayor causes a lot of problems. People keep on asking how G.T. Stoop is going to run for mayor if he has leukemia. Also, Eli Millstone and his followers are trying to sabotage G.T. Stoop’s campaign.   Hope, during this time, faces corruption, a lot of politics, and her past. Hope and Braverman start to get closer with one another. While this happens, Addie and G.T Stoop also start get to know each other better too. As the story goes on, Hope and Addie  just live their lives as usual but with many problems being thrown at them. G.T. Stoop running for mayor is going on pretty good so far. Many people are going to vote for him and with the support of friends and family, he might be able to win. As the story unfolds,  something both great and tragic happens at the same time. If you want to know more, read “Hope Was Here” by Joan Bauer.
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