Blue Moon: The Immortals


Noel, Alyson. Blue Moon: The Immortals. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 2009. Print.

ISBM: 978-0-312-53276-5

Blue Moon: The Immortals

Written By: Alyson Noel

Reviewed by: Samantha Zimmerle

Recommended Audience: Highschool


“Blue Moon”, written by Alyson Noel, is an exciting and thrilling novel that deals with immortals, super powers, witchery, lots of jealousy and many many secrets and twists. Blue moon is about a girl named Ever, who was an average girl, until the accident. She lost her mom, dad, and sister in a car crash. Throughout the rest of the novel, Ever struggles with survivors remorse, but that wasn’t all.  After the incident, Ever has amazing powers, she can read everyones mind, see what their life is just by touch, and when she looks at people, she sees a colored aura surrounding them, the color differing depending on her mood. Because of Ever’s ability to read minds and not being able to turn it off at will, she wears a hoodie, sunglasses and has earbuds in everyday. So, this makes her a joke to the popular kids and she has tremendous trouble making friends.

That all changes when Damen, a hot new guy, comes to school. Whenever he talks to her, everyones thoughts are tuned out and the only thing she can hear is his voice. Ever and Damen grow closer and closer and eventually become lovers. Throughout their relationship Damen reveals surprising things to Ever. Like the fact that Ever is an immortal, and he is the one who turned her. Damen teaches Ever everything she needs to know to survive as an immortal. Just as everything is starting to look good for Ever, tragedy strikes. Damen shows up one day and doesn’t remember Ever. She has to accomplish difficult tasks, talk to creepy twins, and deal with magic. But, even after all her hard work, she has to make a final decision, and if the wrong choice is made, it could cost her her boyfriend’s life.

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