Roth , Veronica. Allegiant . first edition . New York City: HarperCollins Publishers, 2013. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-06-202406

Written by: Veronica Roth

Reviewed by: Leah Gates

Recommended Audience: High school and older

The Allegiant book is an amazing series about a girls selflessness and bravery.  Far into the future, sixteen year old Tris Prior has just escaped death trying to find a video that reveals a different world outside Chicago, the city she lives in.  However, the woman in this video who is revealing the truth’s name is Edith Prior.  Hoping to find out who this woman is and how she relates to her, Tris finds out more about her city and what lies outside of it than she thought she would.

As the book unfolds, more secrets about her and the city are revealed.  However, the Bureau has different plans for the city that may include a revolution.  As you watch Tris mature through the  decisions she makes her relationship with her partner, Tobias grows stronger.  Tris makes the decision to go against the Bureau which causes major conflicts in the story.  Throughout this book, Tris sends the message that you should take sacrifices for others and to give without expecting to receive something in return.  At the end of the book Tris has to make a decision between life and death and love and hate.


Upcoming movie trailer for the first book:

Interview of Veronica Roth for Allegiant:

SPOILER! Allegiant book review:

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