Palacio, R. J. Wonder. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2012. Print.

ISBN: 978-0-375-86902-0


Written By: R.J. Palacio

Reviewed By: Jessy Vu

Recommended Audience: High School

          In the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio is a realistic fiction story about a little kid name August that was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to mainstream schools until now. He is going into fifth grade attending Beecher Prep, and if you ever been the new kid at school, then you would know how hard it can be. August is a original kid with just a deformed face that wants to blend in with other students at his school. Before August went to school he went to Beecher Prep to get a tour around the school with students that the principle, Mr. Tushman, chose to give August a tour. Mr. Tushman chose Jack Will, Julian, and Charlotte to be the tour guides for the day. When they first saw August they were shocked at first but then when they got onto their tour around the school they got to know him better. They showed August their homeroom, science lab, and etc, August didn’t know what a homeroom was and Charlotte explained to August what a homeroom is. She said “It’s like where you go when you get to school in the morning and your homeroom teacher takes attendance and stuff like that. In a way, its your main class even though it’s not really a class.” (Palacio 25). Before the tour was about to finished Julian asked a very rude question ” What’s the deal with your face? I mean, were you in a fire or something?” (Palacio 29). Charlotte and Jack was defending August because Julian was being really rude. On the first day of school everyone was eyeing August with a weird face. August made a friend at lunch named Summer, Summer was August’s best friend because they would always sit together at lunch and always do school projects with each other and tell their secrets. After a couple days of school people started making games called the cheese touch. If you were touched by August no one will talk to you at all the rest of the school year. When it was Halloween time, the whole school dressed up in their costumes and August didn’t want to wear his Boba Fett costume to school because it would take too much time to put on and August was getting rushed outside from his dad because he was running late, so August just wore his usual costume that he wears every year. When August got to school, someone took his seat and he just took a seat next to Julian and his friends, Julian and his friends didn’t know that August was next to them so they were gossiping on August because they expected August to come in a Boba Fett costume. Jack was wondering why August was mad and always ignoring him. After  a few days later Jack found out why August was mad at him. He apologized and August accepted the apology. Later on after the students in their homeroom got assigned partners for a new school project. Jack got August and when the bell rang Jack asked August when they wanna start on the project, August ignored him and left homeroom. Julian went up to Jack and asked if he wanted to ask the teacher to switch partners so they can be together and leave August. Julian was being rude and Jack punched Julian in the face.

Mr. Tushman was about to expel Jack because he punched Julian in the face but Mr. Tushman knows that Jack didn’t do it on purpose, he knew he had a reason for it but Jack isn’t telling. So Jack got suspended for the rest of the week and winter break. Mr. Tushman told Jack to write a sorry note to Julian during the winter break. After winter break was over, no one talked to Jack and always stared at him. After Jack found out what happen, Julian had a big party during the winter break and he spread rumors about Jack punching Julian because he had emotional problems and that Jack didn’t get expelled because his parents begged the school to not expel him. Jack had the “Cheese touch”, so no one communicated with Jack. Jack had no one to talk to so he just started hanging out with August and Summer at lunch. After a few days later Jack and August got really close and because best friends! After a few days later, August’s dog,Daisy, had died. Everyone was sad because Daisy was the best dog they ever had. They all gather up his toys and out it on the table,stared at it, and started crying. Later on the whole family went to Via’s play, August’s sister, they did not expect Via to have a part in the play but the last mine the person who suppose to play the roll had got sick and couldn’t do the play. Everyone was proud of Via on how great she did. Few days later August was getting ready to go to camp with his school. He packed clothes and his teddy bear in case he gets scared of something. Later on when August went to camp they went hiking and encountered with Julian and his friends, August was getting beat up and lost his hearing aids, so he couldn’t hear that well.

Recording: https://soundcloud.com/corneisha/sounds-from-friday-evening-1/s-VGKQ5

Description of Book and Author: http://childrensbooks.about.com/od/productreviews/fr/Wonder-book-review.htm

Description of Book: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11387515-wonder

Youtube Video On Book: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ohMNrcOKfg


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