The Blind Side

Lewis, Michael. The Blind Side. W. W. Norton & Company, 2006. Print.

ISBN: 978 -0-393-33047-2

The Blind Side

Written By: Micheal Lewis

Reviewed By: Danny Halwani

Recommended Audience: High School and Above

     The Blind Side is a story about a struggling young boy becoming a man, who has to face the daily challenges of the everyday American like living in poverty, dealing  with the despair, and growing up with the abandonment of his father. This is the story of Micheal Oher. Michael Oher grew up in one of the poorest cites in Memphis. His mother was a drug addict and his father wasn’t in the picture for most of his life. Micheal, or as some people call him “Big Mike” because of how he weighed approximately 300 pounds and was 6 ft 4 in, was an amazing athlete. His two primary sports were football and basketball.

After not receiving a quality education, one of Micheal’s friends “Big Tony” decided to help him out. Big Tony took Micheal to an excellent Christian school so that he would be able to pursue his education and be apart of their football team. Once Oher walked through the doors, the football coach was in awe. He wanted Micheal to be apart of their team immediately, but due to the lack of his grades, he would not be able to participate in any sports. Micheal had a GPA of 0.6. All of his previous teachers would give him passing grades so he would be able to move onto the next grade. Micheal got accepted into the school and the teachers wanted to see what he would be able to do. When he went to his first class, which was science, Micheal didn’t understand one bit. Because of his lack of knowledge, all of his teachers would give him his tests verbally to see if he would comprehend them better. Most of the teachers didn’t think that he belonged in their school.

One night, Micheal was walking all alone in the rain while a car pulled up beside him. It was Leigh Anne Tuohy and her family. Micheal has never heard of the Tuohys except for Leigh Anne’s son S.J. who has spoken to him once. Leigh Anne took Micheal to her house where he would be able to sleep. Over time, Leigh Anne and her family began to care for Micheal. They decided to get him a tutor so that his grades would be high enough for him to begin football season. Once Micheal’s football season started, everyone knew that he had a special gift in the game of football. Micheal was a senior and would have the college of his choice because of his great performance out on the football field. After an extreme amount of waiting, Micheal chose the University of Ole Miss.

Today, Micheal plays in the National Football League. He was drafted in 2009 to the Baltimore Ravens.

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Micheal Oher


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