Beyond Belief

Hamilton, Josh, and Tim Keown. Beyond Belief. New York, New York: Faith Words, 2008. Print.

 ISBN-10: 1599951614 | ISBN-13: 9781599951614

Beyond Belief

Written by: Josh Hamilton and Tim Keown

Reviewed by: Ryan Limbach

Recommended Viewers: 7th grade+

            Life gives us many opportunities and choices.  We are all expected to be grateful for our joys and have a strong moral compass.  In the book Beyond Belief, Josh Hamilton tells us of his personal struggles with self-doubt, addiction, and selfishness.   He tells us how he could not see or feel joy unless he was high and his commitment to his wife, children and family was of no importance to him during his darkest years.  His addiction not only took away his happiness but he struggled with financial problems and almost lost everything.   This was never supposed to be his life.  Josh was an excellent student who excelled academically and athletically.  Growing up one would never have predicted such a dire situation from a person of strong moral character and commitment to his parents and himself.

Josh was a great person but went through many tragic times in his youth.  He would spend a plentiful amount of hours inside a tattoo parlor (which was also Josh’s safe place to go).  He didn’t know what to do with his life.  He was the first round of the 1999 MLB draft right out of high school.  This was a very rare feat for such a young man.  He received a signing bonus of 4 million dollars.  Everything was going in the right direction until Josh started suffering from an unexplained injury.  At this point in his life he was at a loss because he was unable to play and practice the game he loved.   He started mingling with some misguided people who gladly introduced him to drugs.

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