Fat Kid Rules The World

fat kid rules the world

Going, K. L. Fat Kid Rules the World. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2003. Print.

ISBN: 0-399-23990-1

Fat Kid Rules The World

K. L. Going

Fatin Hassan

Recommended to middle school students.

Troy Billings is seventeen, six-foot-one, 296 pounds. He has dealt with many problems in his life including his mothers death. So he thinks about throwing himself in front of the subway train when he meets Curt. Curt is the exact opposite of Troy in looks and personality. Where Troy is tall, overweight and lacking in confidence, Curt is short, skinny and full of energy. The two were destined to be friends. Curt talked him out of jumping so curt told Troy that he owes him lunch.

Troy thinks his family ls dysfunctional. Ever since his mom died of cancer his family has struggled to understand one another. His father, Mr. Billings, is a retired military man working a security job, whose no nonsense attitude about rules and structure leave him feeling guilty about Troy’s obesity. Troy’s younger brother, Dayle, lives for approval and doesn’t hesitate to mock his older brother about his social life and weight. Curt’s family is definitely dysfunctional. His mom allows his stepfather to physically and mentally abuse him. He survives by living on the street and stealing food and prescription medication. Although a brilliant musician and amazingly confident, he is searching for stability.

The unusual friendship between the fat kid and the skinny kid develops as Curt decides to create a band and make Troy the drummer. The problem is that Troy does not know how to play the drums and he only has five weeks before his first gig. But then Curt gets a fever and decides to take some drugs so he can get better before the gig but he ends up at the hospital. Troys family provides a home and food to curt but declines.




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