The Lord of The Rings: Return of The King

J. R. R. Tolkien  – The lord of the rings : the return of the king – New York – Ballantine Books – 1955  

Written by: J. R. R. Tolkien

Reviewed by: Ashtin Fernendes    

Recommended Ages: 12-15

      This book starts off as Gandalf and Pippin are riding to the city of Minas. They then meet with the city’s ruler/king to discuss what is going on during the war. Gandalf then speaks to the king about the coming evil that is out to conquer their world and kill everyone. During that time Aragorn one of Gandalf and Pippin’s friends realize that the warriors might not make it to the battle. So Aragorn decides to go through the Path of The Dead and have the army of the dead join him on the battle with Mordor.

     Aragorn succeeds and brings the army with him. In Gondor king Denethor is having trouble with Mordor’s army and sends out his son and men to fight the enemy. Shortly after that the army of Mordor break through the city’s defenses. Luckily for them the Riders of Rohan make it and stop the enemy. The war then goes on for a while and just when the army of Gondor is about to be overrun Aragorn comes  with the army of the dead and wins the battle at Gondor, which leaves the fate of mankind in the hands of Frodo and Sam. 

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