The Fault In Our Stars


   Green, John. The Fault In Our Stars. New York: Dutton Books, 2012. Print.

ISBN: 0525478817

The Fault In Our Stars

Written by: John Green

Reviewed by: Tamnhi Mai

Recommended Audience: Young teens and older


          The Fault In Our Stars is a classic novel about two young cancer patients falling in love. Six-teen year old Hazel Grace Lancaster is diagnosed with stage four of thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer results to difficulty in breathing problems, causing Hazel to companion an oxygen tank everywhere she goes. Despite the fact that Hazel is a cancer survivor, she continues to believe her cancer carries a burden in her family. In order to care for Hazel, Mrs. Lancaster was obligated to quit her job. Mr. Lancaster works morning till night shifts due to financial expenses provided for Hazel’s medical treatment. Besides Hazel’s beliefs, she is a very intelligent girl. She finished high school early, and has already prepared to pursue a college career.

The book starts off with Hazel’s daily visits to her support group. Although Hazel’s hatred towards the support group still stands, she is accompanied by her friend, Issac. Issac lost his eye at a young age during his childhood. He recently perceived his eye must be removed, resulting to permanent loss of vision. Throughout the session she meets a close friend of Isaac, Augustus Waters. Augustus Waters is seven-teen years old. He lost his right leg to osteosarcoma, and has been in remission. Once the session ends, Augustus and Hazel immediately click. Hazel and Augustus begin to grow closer due to similar interests such as the book, An Imperial Affliction. However, the author did not finish the ending of the book; leaving Hazel and Augustus conflicted and flushed with displeasure. As their relationship deepens, Hazel and Augustus become inseparable. Throughout the book it briefly elucidates the romantic love story of the two cancer patients, making readers laugh, cry and smile.



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