Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

                            Tarner, Margaret, and Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice. Oxford: Macmillan, 2005. Print.

ISBN: 978-1-4050-7301

Pride and Prejudice

Written By: Jane Austen

Reviewed by: Sama Makar

Recommended Audience:  High school and Adults

Mrs. Bennet has five daughters and they were facing a big problem that none of them was married, there isn’t much fortune to go around, and according to the English property law they’ll all be kicked out of their house when Mr. Bennet dies. Enter Mr. Bingley, a rich, single man who moves into their neighborhood and started to like the eldest Miss Bennet, Jane. Mr. Bingley might be easygoing and pleasant, but his sisters are sneaky and his controlling friend Mr. Darcy didn’t agree to let Mr. Bingley marry  a lower class beneath him. When they all meet up at a local ball, Mr. Darcy lets everyone around him know just how boring he was. It was clear to everyone that Mr. Bingley was falling in love with Jane, but Jane keeps her feelings on the down low, against the advice of Lizzy’s good friend Charlotte Lucas. And, surprising no one, Mr. Darcy finds himself strangely attracted to Lizzy. The two get even more opportunities to know each other more  when Lizzy goes to Mr. Bingley’s house to nurse her sister, who’s gotten sick on a wet horseback ride over for dinner.

As Mr. Bennet’s closest male relative, Mr. Collins will inherit the estate after Mr. Bennet’s death. Mr. Collins has decided that the nice thing to do is to marry one of the Bennet girls in order to preserve their home. Unfortunately, he’s a complete fool and Lizzy hates him. Also unfortunately, he was planning to get married to Lizzy. As for the two youngest Bennet sisters, the militia has arrived in town and they’re ready to talk to any one of them like Mr. Wickham, who quickley became friends with Elizabeth and tells her a story about how Mr. Darcy totally ruined his life, which Elizabeth is happy to believe.Mr. Collins’s boss, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, just happened to be Mr. Darcy’s aunt.

Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, She refused obviously. Charlotte Lucas shows up to “help out,” by which we mean “get Collins to propose to her instead.” It works, which is good news for the 27-year-old Charlotte, who was too poor and plain to expect anything better, but bad news for Elizabeth, who can’t believe that her friend would actually marry the guy even when Charlotte explains that she’s really out of options, here .And then more bad news arrives: Jane gets a letter from Miss Bingley basically breaking up with her. Jane was super sad, and she went to stay with her aunt and uncle in London to get over it and just maybe see Bingley, who’s off to the big city. Elizabeth travels too, she was off to visit the newly married Charlotte. Mr. Darcy was on his way to visit his aunt, who was Mr. Collins’s boss. Darcy almost acts like he was glad to see Lizzy, and even came to visit her at Charlotte’s house, but Lizzy didn’t really believe him because she learned from Mr. Darcy’s friend that Bingley was going to propose to Jane until Darcy came in.

Darcy proposed to Lizzy in a prideful way. which, not surprisingly, don’t go over so well. Elizabeth had some things to say to him, and the next day he hands her a letter with the full story about Wickham. When Lizzy gets him, she finds that Lydia, the youngest of the Bennet girls, has been invited to follow the officers to their next station in Brighton. Elizabeth thinks this was a Very Bad Idea.  Elizabeth had to accompany her aunt and uncle on a trip to Derbyshire, which, incidentally, is where Mr. Darcy lives., but he was out of town. They visited his estate (Pemberley) as tourists ,you can do that kind of thing in England and Lizzy was impressed. Darcy’s housekeeper also has nothing but compliments for her master. It gets weirder when they run into Darcy who’s home early, and he’s actually polite and friendly

Elizabeth learned that Lydia has run off with Wickham. This scandal could ruin the family, so Elizabeth’s uncle and father tried to track the couple down. Elizabeth’s uncle saved the day and brings the two of them back as a properly married couple. When Lydia lets slip that Darcy was at her wedding, Elizabeth realized that there’s more to the story and wrote to her aunt for more information. Darcy saved the Bennet family’s honor. He tracked down the couple and paid off Wickham’s massive debts in exchange for Wickham marrying Lydia. Bingley came back and finally proposed to Jane. And then, Lady Catherine visits Longbourn to convince Elizabeth into rejecting any proposal from Darcy, which obviously doesn’t work.When Lizzy and Darcy finally got some alone time on a walk, they got the moment that they cleared up all their past misunderstandings and agreed to get married.

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