Night Rise

Horowitz,Anthony.Night Rise. New

York: Scholastic Press,2011. Print

ISBN: 0-439-68001

Night Rise

Written By: Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed By: Alex Nguyen

Recommended  Audience: Teens and Adults

                                     Night Rise is a novel about two brothers Jaime and Scott Tyler who are twins, that obtain a special ability to communicate telepathically. It all starts off when they are performing in a show and using their ability to entertain people. However, Jaime and Tyler don’t like doing it because their foster parents only keep them to make money.The first performance had begun and things got weird. So Jaime had asked for volunteers but when he got a glimpse of the participant, it was very unusual and grotesque male that got his attention. Then the man  had taken out a card for the object to use for the act, and Jaime had read it while being curiously stared. The card said “Night Rise Corporation”(Horowitz 13) which was probably who the man worked for. Eventually the act had worked and the two brothers went back stage. So the second performance began and things were got worse. Jaime asked for a volunteer from the audience, and eventually he picks someone which was a women. Then, he told her to pick something out of her purse so Scott could guess the object, and it was a picture of a boy. Suddenly Scott began to shout out that the woman’s son was kidnapped, and the lady had asked him how he had known about that but she was soon escorted back to her seat. It was very unusual for that to happen but Jaime had to forget about it, and the second show was about to end.

                                      After they had finished both shows Jaime and Scott went to their dressing room. However, when they had stepped out of the door there were two men who Scott did not recognize, but Jaime knew who he was looking at right away. It was the man from the first show and his partner and worst thing was that, they were holding guns. Then, the two brothers ran as fast as they could away from those men and luckily the dog that was there, had bit them making a distraction. Both Jaime and Scott had dashed out of there trying to dodge the bullets that were aimed at them. Soon they made it out the door and were in the parking lot, but when they thought they became safe from danger there was a car that pulled up and only managed to get Scott. Although only one of the two brothers were captured, both were shot with a dart gun. Later, Jaime had woken up in a hotel and had no idea how he got there. Then a women came up to him and it was the lady from the second show, and she told him that she found him laying down next to where he had performed. Her name was Alicia McGuire and her son Daniel was too kidnapped like Scott. Jaime then began to brainstorm, and was wondering if there was a connection between the incidents. Finally, he found out that the corporation Night Rise had taken Alicia’s son and Scott away. This the beginning of the crisis that Jaime had to handle with the help of Alicia.

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