The End Games



Martin, T. Michael. The End Games. First Edition. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2013.     Print.

The End Games 

Written by: T. Michael Martin

Reviewed by: Hobie Handy

Recommended Audience: Anyone

     Michael is stuck in an apocalypse with his younger brother, Patrick, struggling to survive. The book begins with Michael and Patrick swarmed by Bellows, or zombies as you might know them. Michael struggles to save himself and his younger brother from these monstrous creatures, but in an odd way. Michael treats his escape like a video game, like nothing can hurt him. He does this so he can make his brother feel safe, even in an unsafe situation. You can infer this because Michael says things like “…One more level, c’mon puh-lease excitement at a new part of The Game.” (Martin 3). Patrick also says “Hey, cheating! You’re cheaters!” (Martin 4), to the Bellows, which you can guess to mean that Patrick thinks that the apocalypse is actually a video game. 

     Michael explains in a flashback when he first saw the apocalypse. It was Halloween night and Michael was with Patrick, trying to run away from home, when he saw his neighbor’s face being eaten off by a Bellow. Michael was scared and didn’t know what to do to make Patrick feel safe. So he made it seem like it was just a game, just like Modern Warfare. Fast forward 22 days and Michael meets his first set of survivors, but they aren’t friendly. Michael has to escape from them, but he is eventually trapped at a dead end. He is saved by Caption Jopek, who was a soldier before the apocalypse. Michael thinks that he has finally made it to The End, finally saved Patrick, finally saved himself. But little does he know that this is just the beginning of The End Games. The End Games is a story more about brotherly love than a zombie apocalypse, which is why I would recommend this book to people of all ages.

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