The Lottery


Jackson, Shirley. “The Lottery.” Trans. Array. Print. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1991. 1-302. Print.

ISBN: 9780679640394

Author: Shirley Jackson

Name: Tan Cu

Age Group Recommend: 10-15

The Lottery, a classic book containing other short stories within it. One of the story, also called, “The Witch,” is contained in the book. In “The Witch,” there’s a women and her son going on a train. The little boy, named Johnny, is a 4 year old kid. He keeps himself company by looking around the scenery out of the train. His mom; however, pays little attention to him. Johnny keeps on insisting that he saw a witch outside the train. Later, and elderly man, which Johnny calls him “Mr.Jesus,” came to him. The man ask Johnny what did he saw outside the train. Johnny responded right back that he saw a witch. Then, the man talked about his sister, and about how much he loved her. The man soon said that he pinched his sister neck until she was dead, and he cut her limbs off including her head. Johnny’s mom overheard the conversation and told the man to stop. The man soon left after that. Johnny is now still questioning that the man was a witch or not.

The next story within the book is called, “The Tooth.” The story is basically a women traveled to a city to get her tooth extracted. Clara, the main character of the story, goes on a bus to the city to get dental treatment. Soon she was found to be sleeping on the bus. Clara later met a man named Jim in a store she was going to. Clara soon got anesthetic during her dental treatment, she dreams of Jim while she was out. After the surgery, Clara totally forgot who she is nor where she is. Jim; soon after that, took Clara with him. (She’s gone mad, because Jim is a stranger she met on a bus, and now she’s going with him.)

It all starts here, “The Lottery,” the title says it all. “The Lottery” is consist of a small town having a lottery of where each family picks a ticket and see which family got pick. Then it goes to each family member. Everyone in the town picks a ticket and see who has a black dot in theirs. Soon, the Hutchinson family got picked. Then, each family member got a ticket. It was Tessie, Tessie Hutchinson. She got picked and she scream while everyone throws coal/rocks at her. (The point of the lottery is who ever gets picked, gets stoned.)



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