The Angel Experiment

Patterson, James. The Angel Experiment. New York: Little, Brown and Company, Print.

The Angel Experiment
written by: James Patterson
reviewed by: Ryan Sparno
recommended audience: grades 7-10

          In this book, there are six mutant kids called the flock trying to escape from the hands of the School. There is something special about these kids. They are all mutants with superhuman abilities. Each of the six kids has the power to fly. The names of these kids are Max (the protagonist), Angel,  Iggy, Gazzy, Fang, and Nudge. Max has a voice in her head that guides her during her mission to save Angel. Angel was captured by the school because of her superhuman abilities to fly read minds and control minds. Iggy was involved in a failed experiment in an attempt to give him night vision in the school, but he ended up becoming blind. Gazzy also known as the gasman is very flatulent. Fang is very quiet. Lastly, Nudge has the ability to not keep her mouth shut. All of them also  superhuman strength which helps them in escaping from the school.

          Early in the book the flock encounters hunters called the erasers at their home. Erasers are mutant half human half wolf creatures created by the school to capture runaways. Their leader Ari is the antagonist in the book. Early in the book the Erasers abduct Angel and bring her to the school. The rest of the flock then flies out to Death Valley to rescue angel and have countless encounters with the Erasers on the way. The Erasers end up capturing all of them except for Nudge and Fang who end up invading the school with a flock of hawks who tear apart the school and rescue the rest of the flock. In the school, Angel learned of a place in New York called the Institute where the information about all of the flock’s parents are being stored. The flock then ventures out to New York to find this information and meet the Erasers many times along the way.


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