The Outsiders


Hinton, S.E.

Published in 1997 by speak


The Outsiders

Written by: S.e. Hinton

Reviewed by: John Shattles

Recommended Audience: Middle School – High School

      This book The outsiders is about two completely different types of social groups that conflict with each other. The story is narrated by the main character who is named Ponyboy. He is a 14 year old who lives with his brothers. Ponyboys parents  are both  dead and he lived with his 2 older brothers Sodapop and Darry. Sodapop is seventeen years old while Darry is twenty. Darry basically runs the house because their parents are dead so they have a rough time managing because Darry has to support all of them.
Throughout the story there are recurring conflicts between the greasers and the socs which is short for the socials. The Greasers are the kind of more poor group of people who don’t have the materiel objects and are more  recognized or classified by their hair. The socs are the richer more preppy kids. They have money and go to school and don’t live in poverty. Throughout the story many fights breakout between these 2 groups of guys. For no other reason but because of their background and where they come from. If a greaser was cot alone and the socs saw him they would run after him and jump him and as soon as the greasers heard about it they would jump someone right back.

     What eventually eds up happening is Johnny and Ponyboy get caught by themselves. They are the younger boys of the bunch. They are sitting by a fountain when the socs come up to them and starts another fight. One of the socs tries to drown Pony boy and wont stop. When pony boy comes to he sees that Johnny had stabbed one of the socs who’s name was bob. This event is what kind of sets a lot of the story in place. Johnny and Ponyboy have to run away together and this happening triggers some key events to the story.

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