The Dragon Heir


Chima, Cinda Williams. The Dragon Heir. Disney-Hyperion, 2008 ISBN: 9781423110705


The Dragon Heir

Written by: Cinda Williams Chima

Reviewed by: Andrew Nguyen

Recommended Audience: Middle school-High school

Continuing from the Warrior Heir and Wizard Heir, the wizard factions of the Red Rose and White Rose who have been at war with each other for hundreds of years have banded together in search of a magical artifact, the Dragonheart, which was stolen from Raven’s Ghyll, a castle where the tournament is held to see which side gains control of the horde of magical artifacts for a year. The lesser guilds of Sorcerers, Warriors, Enchanters, and Soothsayers, have taken refuge from the oppression of the Wizards in the town of Trinity, Ohio, which has become a sanctuary as declared by the new covenant.

Jason Haley feels the Dragonheart calling to him but is prevented from tapping into its powers by  many of the other more powerful Weir(magically gifted). Madison Moss who is not a member of any of the other magical guilds must return to her hometown because of trouble with her family, however, she has an uncanny ability to draw magic from others around her and faces trouble when she gets pulled back into the conflict of the magical guilds quest for power. 

A magical wall built by the underguilds is the thing that keeps out unwanted wizards, but the Red Rose and White Rose are determined to get the Dragonheart at any cost and surround the entire town. Tension rises as conflicts between both sides and within their own alliances turns the town into a bloodbath. Who will be the one that gains possession of the artifact?

The dragon heir is the final book in the heir trilogy, it deals with adventure, magical wars, and friendship. The main theme of the book deals with those who are under appreciated, as the main characters of this book have had only minor roles in the other two books and have been seen as useless by many of the other characters. Their greed and friendship are tested as they get more opportunities to gain power at the cost of other’s well being. This novel is great for young adults because the characters are relate able in their struggle for acceptance and recognition for their abilities.


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