Perfect Chemistry


Elkeles, Simone. Perfect Chemistry. Walker Books for Young Readers, 2008

ISBN: 0802798225

Perfect Chemistry

Written by: Simone Elkeles

Reviewed by: Emily Brucelas

Recommended Audience: Young Adults/ Teens

            The beginning of this book starts off by introducing the two main characters, and showing how they come from completely different worlds but are so similar. Brittany Ellis is the picture perfect popular girl that seems to have everything she wants and Alex Fuentes is the  gang banger bad boy that everyone seems to be afraid of. Alex and Brittany are forced to work together for a big chemistry project and while working on the project they start to feel a connection that neither of them were prepared for and neither of them like the way that they are feeling. They begin to spend a lot of time together and find out that they may come from different worlds but they both have their own set of problems that they have to deal with. Once they start to get closer they begin to open up to each other in a way they have never done with anyone before.

            By the middle of the book they both know that they want to be together but they are both afraid of what people knowing would do to their lives. Alex is scared because he doesn’t want to bring Brittany into the life that he is living because he could be putting her in harms way in terms of the gang. Brittany is afraid of what her friends and family will think of her, because dating Alex would tear down the image of herself that she has been building her entire life. Her mother would not be okay with them dating because her mom is all about how the family looks on the outside and Brittany dating a gang member would reflect badly on the entire family. But the love that they feel for each other was stronger than any of the fears that either of them have and they know that it is worth the risk.

            Alex wants to completely change his life, he wants to get out of the gang so that he can go to college and have a life with Brittany. To get out the leader of the gang and his “uncle” says he must complete one last task, and it is the scariest task that Alex has ever gotten. His best friend Paco and Brittany try to stop him from going but something goes completely wrong with their plan, so all of them are in danger. If they can over come this they might be able to have a chance at the life they want together.

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