Looking for Alaska


Green, John. Looking for Alaska. Speak, an imprint of Penguin Group

ISBN: 978-0-14-240251-1

Looking for Alaska 

Written by: John Green

Reviewed by: Lily Luu

Recommended Audience: Young Adults/Teens 

In Looking for Alaska by John Green, we meet an adolescent name Miles Halter, who decides to go to Culver Creek Boarding School in hopes of finding the “Great Perhaps.” Miles arrive at Culver Creek and meets Chip Martin, also known as the Colonel, who is his roommate. The Colonel gives Miles the nickname “Pudge” because he thinks it ironic that Miles is a skinny guy with a name that sounds like he’s a bigger person. Colonel took Pudge a few doors down to Alaska’s room because he wanted some cigarettes to smoke, and Alaska had the cigarettes. They go to Alaska’s room and when she opens the door to greet Colonel, Pudge meets the hottest girl he has ever seen. Pudge starts to fall for Alaska. 

As the story continues, Pudge becomes close friends with Alaska and Colonel and he starts joining them in doing drugs and drinking–things his father warned him not to do at the beginning of the book. Pudge also becomes a part of a prank, along with Takumi and Lara who are minor characters, on the Weekday Warriors, students of Culver Creek that goes back home for the weekend, which leads him to a suspenseful night that changes the course of the story. After the successful prank has been pulled, the group goes back to Pudge’s and Colonel’s room to get drunk and start a game of truth or dare. Colonel gets too drunk and passes out and things starts to get heated between Alaska and Pudge. But right before anything happens, Alaska stops and tells Pudge, “To be continued.” and the first part of the book ends there. 

The second part of the book, Pudge starts going on a hunt to look for Alaska and at the same time, he ponders the question she left him with when they started becoming friends, “How will I get out of this labyrinth of suffering?” WIth the assistance of Colonel, the two goes around looking for answers and finding clues to where Alaska went and why did she go. 

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