Catching Fire



Collins, Suzanne. Catching Fire. Scholastic Press, 2009

ISBN: 0439023491

Catching Fire

Written by: Suzanne Collins 

Reviewed by: Lynn Don

Recommended Audience: Young Adults 

     Catching Fire is the sequel to the well known book The Hunger Games. The story starts off with Katniss dreading to celebrate Hunger Games by going on the Victory tour, as she goes about her day she later returns home to see President Snow who warns her that she is in danger for her fake love with Peeta. Unconcerned, Katniss proceeds to get ready for the Victory Tour where she is expected to mentor tributes. Upon Katniss’ arrival trouble strikes, and before she knows it a rebellion arises. Katniss and Peeta then plot to run away but all is too dangerous. Haymitch, being their mentor, proceeds to tell them that they have to get married in order to save their lives. Before anything could be established, more bad news arrives. It is then announced by President Snow that all former hunger game winners, have to compete again in this year’s annual Quell, meaning both Katniss and Peeta are back in the arena to fight to the death yet again. 

     The games start, Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick already establish that they are allies. The first day alone is rough for them, with a lack of supplies and no source of water. They’re already faced with difficult obstacles such as mutated monkeys, and poison gas attacks. Later they discover that they have more allies that then join their team to work together. As the games go on Peeta and Katniss’ bond grows stronger and they play it off well for the cameras that spy on them. The games continue and series of unfortunate events continue to hit Katniss and her team. 


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