The Road

The Road

McCarthy, Cormac. The Road. Pan Macmillan, 2010. ISBN:9780330503822


The Road

Written by : Cormac McCarthy

Reviewed by: Andrew Paparella

Recommended audience: Fathers


The Road takes place in a very different America than today. In this post apocalyptic fiction, a father and his son only have each other. The two are traveling to the coast in hope for a better future. The land is barren and food is scarce.  The father knows that there isn’t much of a future, but he assures his son everything will be okay. The whole world around them has changed into surviving with each other. Without his son, the father would have no reason to continue to live.

The pair face many challenges on their journey to the coast. Neither of them know what lies there, but they could not stay where they are.  The father defends his child from savage cannibals and teaches his kid to prepare for the hardships in life. The two absolutely love each other and will risk everything to survive together. In the struggle, the man tell his son to shoot himself to prevent the harms of cannibals.  But first, the man will do everything he can to prevent that.


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