Go Ask Alice

 New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1971. Print

ISBN: 0671664589

Written By: Anonymous

Reviewed By: Jocelyn Calvillo

Recommended Audience: High School Students, Young Adult

This Novel is based off an unnamed fifteen year old girls diary. In the Novel they refer to the girl as Alice. The Novel starts off talking about this young girl and her perfect life. She is good student and gets good grades. Alice’s father is a college professor. He got a job opportunity out of state. He accepted the teaching position at a different college which forced the family to move. At the time, Alice was excited about moving and the idea of meeting new people. But, little did she know, her life would go downhill from there. The move was difficult for Alice. While the rest of her family easily adjusted to the new town, Alice felt like an outcast at school. It all started when Alice was at the party and unwittingly dropped LSD and experienced a fantastic drug trip. Like many teenagers, Alice was pressured into trying drugs. Alice promised herself she would never try drugs again. As you can guess, she didn’t keep the promise with herself. Her curiosity in drugs grew and she began experimenting with more drugs. She eventually lost her virginity while on acid. From the flash of her eyes she could see her life slipping away. This situation is very common with teenagers. Many Teenagers are pressured into doing drugs. Most who do try drugs do not find themselves in an addiction. But like Alice, some do. Alice started meeting new people. She would do drugs with them, sometimes even at school. Alice started getting introduced to more people who were nothing but trouble. Alice continued to do drugs without her family’s knowledge. She would hitchhike to Denver, she would travel to Oregon with other drug users, and she even started prostituting herself for drugs. Within a year, both her grandparents died. This brought her into an even deeper depression. With all this, Alice was forced to register at the State Mental Hospital. She hated it and was frightened by all the weird people there. Alice was eventually released. The mental hospital didn’t seem to help her at all. In the epilogue, we are told that Alice died three weeks later of an overdose. Whether it was premeditated or accidental remains unclear.

Alice was one of thousands of drug deaths that year. It’s scary to think many people in this society live that life. Drugs surround us. But, it’s your choice whether you want to live that life or not. Alice never saw this life ahead of her. Little did she know drugs would have been the death of her. Unfortunately there are many people out there who have died because of drugs. Those who have done drugs can relate to this book. And those who haven’t done drugs can still very much relate to this book. Almost all of us have personally been around drugs, have had friends who’ve used drugs, or know someone who uses drugs today. I highly recommend reading this book because it is very interesting and gives a great life message to those who read it!

Authors Website: Anomynous

Description of book:


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