Anderson, M.T. Feed. Cambridge: Candlewick Press, 2002. Print.


Written By: M.T. Anderson

Reviewed by: Joe Favreau

Recommended for: High School Students / Young Adults


The book Feed takes place in a future society where everything we know today has changed in some way or another. The new society that they live in is good in some ways but also bad in others. They have a system that is an exaggeration of what we would call the modern cell phone. Instead of a cell phone, they have chips in their brains. These chips connect to a form of the internet known as “feed net.” While connected to the feed net they are able to message each other purely with their brains. With the feed net there is no use for actual speech so sometimes they will just message each other even though they are standing right next to the person. As well as the useful feature of messaging there is also everything that our internet has today. That includes online shopping stores, a medium to watch movies or videos as well as T.V. , and also gaming websites. Just like in our internet today there are a lot of advertisements for stores and products, and they have what we would call “pop ups” for products that they may be interested in. Since they have these things implanted in their brains when they are young, it adapts to the brain and becomes a part of it. So in this future society they are able to get “high” simply by visiting a website. These types of websites are illegal, just like how drugs are illegal in our society. You can only imagine what goes on with the youth of this society with technology like this.

Not only do these people have new technology, they have new ways of life that have adapted to this technology. The companies that run the “feed net” are the most profitable and they run almost everything. The Governments and countries we have today are still in place in this future society but they are more advanced. For example the United States still exists in this society and is still a major influence in the world. Something that I found very interesting is their new way of providing food to all the people. Since their technology is so advanced they can grow meat. So their food supply is endless, and they have meat farms. As well as they way the eat, they also have an interesting living arrangement. Their houses actually have bubbles around them and they have their own ecosystems within their bubbles. For instance they can make it sunny or dark whenever they want and also can make it rain whenever they want by producing clouds in their bubbles. To move from bubble to bubble they have flying cars. Despite having the online shopping service they still have malls and those are in their own bubbles. Over all the high level of technology defines the way these people live.

The main character is a boy around the age of 17 and he is just like any other teenager. The only difference is that he is living in this high-tech age. The story starts off with him going to a trip to the moon. In this society they have a whole city on the moon and its fairly inexpensive to travel there. While on the moon he hangs out with friends and meets a girl, who becomes his love interest. They hangout and party it up in only ways that the future society can provide. His main journey involves the typical teenage life but with a twist based on the feed. Let’s just say, the only issue with having a computer in your brain is that computers can get viruses. 

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