Before I Fall


Oliver, Lauren. Before I Fall. HarperCollins Publishers, 2010.

ISBN: 9780061726811

Before I Fall

Written by: Lauren Oliver

Reviewed by: Marisa Teng

Recommended by: High School Students/ Young Adults

Before I Fall, written by Lauren Oliver, was a book that most High School students can somehow relate a part of their lives to this book and to some of the characters that are in this book. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think it would be enjoyable to many students, especially girls. This book really makes you think and wonder what will be different in the next day/chapter. I don’t encourage this topic that I am about to name but, there are many scenarios that have to do with smoking, drinking, and partying. There are also scenarios that have to do with bullying, girl drama, popularity, profanity and the topic of sex comes up a lot.

The main character, Samantha Kingston, a high school senior that has worked her way up from being a nobody into being one of the most popular girls at her school; she has the looks and the perfect boyfriend. On Cupid day, every student receives so many flowers and getting above 15 roses means you are super popular. On this day, it was supposed to be a time of Sam’s life that she would never forget. She had a party to go to that night and it was also the night she was supposed to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. However, she ends up leaving the party with her friends instead of her boyfriend, Rob, because he is too drunk to even realize that she is gone or realize what his actions are or the people around him and what their actions are. Little did Sam know that it would be her last night to live. Sam’s friends and herself drive off, smoking and a little tipsy. We all can predict what happens from there. Well, if you didn’t, the car veers off the rode and flips. Coincidentally, Sam was talking about the way she wanted to die at the time of the incident. However, there’s a twist. How would you like to live the day you die over and over again for 7 days? The crash scene is repetitive as the days go on, but the way the car crashes and the events before the accident change every chapter/day because Sam would try to prevent events that occurred throughout the day to happen again.

If you were in Sam Kingston’s position, what would you do? Would you try and change or prevent things like Sam did? Every morning, you remember that you had just died, but really you are reliving the same day again, Cupid’s day, the day you die. This book really made me realize and look back at my high school experiences and think, what could I have done or said differently? It all comes down to, what would you do if you were given another opportunity to relive life, or to relive an experience that you regret?

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