Double Helix

Cover of "Double Helix (Puffin Sleuth Nov...

Cover of Double Helix (Puffin Sleuth Novels)

 Werlin,Nancy.Double Helix. Penguin Group 2005

 ISBN: 0-14-240327

 Double Helix

 Written by: Nancy Werlin

 Reviewed by: Vincent Ly

 Recommended Audience : High school

In the story Double Helix the story revolves around Eli Samuel and his struggle to find out the mysteries of his birth. Eli Samuel is a 18 year-old recently graduated student, Johnathan Samuel is Eli’s father who is very shady about things and doesn’t like Dr.Wyatt, Ava Samuel Eli’s mother who is has a disease that makes her become insane, Vivian Fadiman Eli’s girlfriend that wants to be apart of his life, Dr.Quincy Wyatt a famed geneticist and Eli’s boss, and Kayla Matheson friend of Dr. Wyatt and Eli.

In the story of Double Helix, Eli struggles to find the truth of the secrets that his parents are hiding from him. He lives with his father in an apartment complex and his mother is living in a nursing home because she has a disease called Huntington’s disease which cause her to go insane. When Eli applies and gets a job at Wyatt Transgenics, father tells him to quit the job and to stay away from Dr.Wyatt. Going against his fathers order Eli stays and works at Transgenics. He got closer to Dr.Wyatt and later meets Kayla, who he thinks is pretty. They start to hang out more and got closer. Eli gets into arguments with his father about him being close to Dr.Wyatt but doesn’t give a reason.

       Soon enough Eli gets very curious about the secrets that his father is keeping from him and goes to investigate Dr. Wyatt. During his investigation he finds many new discovery relating him and Kayla. Many new question arises and he grew anger towards Dr.Wyatt. Double Helix overall is a great story and i do recommend it to others, but that’s for anyone to choose to read this story.

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