Broken Like This


Transandes, Monica, Broken Like This,

Thomas Dunne Books, 2012,


Broken Like This

Written By: Monica Transandes

Reviewed By: Anna Lux

Recommended Audiences: Highschool students/ Young adults

Broken Like This, written by Monica Transandes, was one of the first books that I wasn’t able to put down after I started to read it.  The story line was very different and was not like most other romance novels. The relationships in this book were very strange and took some time to get used to but they only ended up making the book much better. The book starts out with one of the main characters, Kate Harrington, a beautiful, young, and successful young woman getting in a severe car crash while on vacation with friends in a different country. In the moments before the crash the reader finds out something that will end up complicating every upcoming situation in the book.

After the brief description of the accident, the author immediately takes you to an apartment in New York where Kate’s high school sweetheart, Louis, lives. Louis and Kate have been through so much throughout their long-term relationship whether it was break-ups, family problems, and even abuse. Louis knows more about Kate than anybody else in her life and is madly in love with her. After meeting Louis, the reader is introduced to Angela, who Kate met during another Spanish vacation many years ago.  Angela and Kate became best friends and developed a connection that not all friends would have. Their friendship didn’t last long because of Kate’s deep and undying love for Louis who she plans on spending the rest of her life with. Louis finds out about Kate being in a coma and immediately tells Angela because he doesn’t know who else to tell. They both agree to travel to Spain as soon as possible to be with Kate.

One of the first things Angela and Louis do when they get to Spain is make sure that Kate is getting the best care that she could possibly have since she is not in the United States. They learn that there is a more advanced hospital that she could be at and there next mission is to get Kate there. While spending a few days with Kate, it comes out that Louis does not feel comfortable with having Kate’s mother and step-father coming to Spain. Without Louis knowing, her parents show up and cause tension and conflict on many levels.  Louis then tells Angela that Kate’s step-father always wants control over her and never acted appropriate with Kate during her younger years, this all being known by Kate’s mother also. Not trusting the parent’s motives, Louis and Angela are now in a race against time. The “time” being Kate’s unstable life and the decision that Kate’s parents are making behind their backs.

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