Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels, this book, like many others by Walter Dean Myers, is another great hit.  When I got this book and began to read it, you could not put the book back down.  The story is a following of the adventures of a young soldier named Richard Perry.  Going into the army he knows that he has been given a medical profile, which in turn should prevent his ability to be pushed to the front lines.  On Perry’s first day in Vietnam he realizes just how much his commanding officers care about his little medical profile, not much at all.  He find him self being in a world the is a fight for survival every waking moment, and every step he took.  Luckily he does not have to do this alone.  upon being deployed Perry meets a new and interesting person, Peewee.  Peewee is the sort of guy who makes the life of the party seem boring, and is as loyal to Perry as anyone else will ever become.  Thanks to the tight brother ship of these two men, they buckle down and try to make it through their year of deployment, and this comes with trying to sleep with the ants and bugs on the floor, dodging bullets all around them, and praying that the step they take does not land on a landmine.  As you read this book and the story and efforts of Perry are reviled  to you, you will see just how impossible the odds are ageist Perry out in the Jungles of Death.  


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