2012, Whitley Strieber

2012; Whitley Strieber Sep 18, 2007
                           2012: The War for Souls              Jacob Church                                       
                         Whitley Strieber            Period 2
    In the book 2012: The War for Souls, written by Whitley Strieber, the main character Wylie decides to write a book. Wylie is a young man mid thirties, and has a wife, Brooke, a son, Nick, and a daughter, Lindy. Brooke is also in her late thirties and has a conservative and protective personality whereas Wylie is more out going and vocal. Nick is a quiet shy 12 year old boy. Lindy is a clueless little toddler. They all live in a small tight nit community where everyone knows everyone.
     The book starts in Wylie’s book with the main character Martin, who is an archeologist, observing a famous dig site. He is here because a lot of abnormal activity has been surrounding it. He discovers a lens deep inside the site, but as soon as he reaches it, a giant earthquake hits and the pyramid is going to collapse. Later in the book you discover that there are more of the lenses at all the famous sites throughout the World. You later learn that the book is a direct parallel to Wylie’s life. Martin’s family is the same as Wylie’s with regards to their personalities, there the opposite. In Wylie’s book the lens are produced by the alien race the seraphs, and this is how they see human activity. Well one day, Martin’s family is at church when a great earthquake hits, followed by an a ray of lights in the sky. Aliens are invading Martin’s world. The aliens attack by using a cannon that they shoot. If you are struck by the cannon, you lose your soul and become a Wonderer. In the book, a wonderer is described as a person without a soul. In other words they have no purpose in life they just walk aimlessly. This night at church changed martin’s life. Martin’s wife and daughter both get shoot and lose their soul. Through the commotion, Martin loses his son so he believes he is a wonderer.
    Later in the book you get introduced to Al North, a general in the Air Force. He is taken to examine some equipment. What he doesn’t know is that the “military officials” are really aliens working for a company called soul techs. When he is brought in the room he discovers that they are aliens, he gets strapped to the table, where the aliens plan to test new technology. They are testing the power to see if they can destroy a soul. During the process, they massacred the body beyond recognition. But the aliens still want to use Al in their plans, so they got the missing body parts from a deformed member in the police office academy and put them on Al. Meanwhile, Martin is looking for any signs of his family, he runs into Trevor, his son. Trevor is a purely mean child changed because of what happened to his family, puts a gun to his father’s head and threaten him to leave so that the enemy, the Night Riders, won’t find him along with the group of children hiding with him. Martin doesn’t understand why, but he respects it and leaves. While all of this is happening Wylie discovers a portal leading to the universe of his book. He finds this portal because a Night Rider tries to attack him, but the Night Rider can’t pass through because he has no connection to the other World. This is key to the story because of the surgery done to Al North allows him to pass through both worlds. He is brainwashed by the aliens to kill Wylie’s family in the other world. Now having the ability to pass through both Worlds, what will happen to both of the Families? Will the Aliens be too strong for Martin and Wylie, or will Martin and Wylie suppress their efforts.


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