Looking For Alaska


Green, John. Looking For Alaska. Published By The Penguin Group, 2005

ISBN: 9780142402511

Looking For Alaska

Written By: John Green                                                                                                                                                                                       Reviewed By: Steven Santiago                                                                                                                                                       Recommended Audience: High School Students

Looking For Alaska is the story about Miles “Pudge” Halter and his life in Culver Creek attending boarding school leaving his old safe boring life in Florida behind and  hopefully with his obsession with famous peoples’ last words trying to learn the facts and secrets of his greatest search of what is known as the “Great Perhaps” and how his  the attractive but disturbed Alaska Young turn his so called “safe world” into a not so safe world and launches him into the Great Perhaps stealing his heart eventually causing him to fall for her leading him into one of his craziest yet greatest adventures ever.

The book starts off by giving a background of Miles Halter’s social status of his home life in Florida where he’s bnot what you would call, Mr. Popular. Miles then leaves to start boarding school in Culver Creek, Alabama for his junior year in high school. He meets Chip Martin who gives Miles the nickname, “Pudge” because Miles according to Chip is a little bit on the pudgy side of the humans. Their friendship soon leads to his introduction with the attractive yet unstable, Alaska Young, whom he soon develops a crush on. One night, some stuck up snotty students known as the “Weekday Warriors” tied him up and tossed him into the lake.Then Miles and Chip take part in a prank war soon thereafter bringing Miles and Alaska closer to each other bringing them to a brief relationship.

But then Chip and Miles are woken up by Alaska’s troubled crying which then leads them to unwillingly aid Alaska in an escape from Culver Creek which they don’t know what it’s for. Then, they realize that letting Alaska go was not a good idea for they learn that could possibly lead to her death. Hoping to uncover the hidden mystery behind her strange dissappearance, they go out to find her and see what she is up to. In shorter words, Miles and Chip go, “Looking For Alaska”. If you’re choosing whether or not to read


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