Criss Cross


Written By: Lynne Rae Perkins

Reviewed By: Shayna Johnson

Recommended Audience: High school students

Criss Cross is a very intriguing book. It does not necessarily have a plot, but it is defined by characters who are not easy to tell apart. The book is about a 60’s era in the summer life of teens who live in a small-town. Like any other small-town, not a lot goes on. Life is just really slow and easy for these teens. They hang out, listen to the radio, they grow, and come to understandings of things they never have before.

There was a girl named Debbie who just wished something good would happen to her. There was a boy named Hector who just started guitar lessons, and is trying to build up the courage to approach a girl he has a crush on in his guitar class. There’s also Lenny who is headed towards vocational school instead of a university, because of the ability he has to read a science book. These kids have been friends for all of their lives, but since they are going through their adolescent years they are starting to find themselves which is causing them to drift apart. They all found new interests. “Criss Cross’ is the name of a radio show that Debbie, Lenny, Hector, and their friends listened to every week. It became a regular thing every Saturday night. “Criss Cross” also indicates how the teens go in and out of touch with each other.  Connections were made, and paths were crossed in the story.

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